My crime? I’m still not sure

SOMETHING incredibly frustrating happened on Saturday night.

To be honest, I’m still annoyed about it, and I suspect I’m not the only one in this position.

After all, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Gold Coast driver who copped a parking fine over the weekend. But I may be one of the few who is actually innocent!


Truthfully, it’s not my first ticket (and may not be my last), but the difference this time is that I absolutely, 100 per cent did the right thing. So I feel massively ripped off!

I paid what I consider to be a fairly hefty fee for 60 minutes of parking ($3 an hour – are we in Brisbane city all of a sudden?) and I’ve still been stung with a ticket.

It happened in Broadbeach. I went out for dinner on Saturday night at the early bird hour of 6pm and I was actually a little surprised that I still had to pay for street parking.

But the parking meter boffins have clearly decreed that parking fees are to be charged until 7pm on a Saturday, so I dropped some gold coins in the meter according to my allotted space and went on my merry way.

Imagine my surprise upon returning to my car 90 minutes later, to find a great big fine for $68 attached to my windscreen.

My crime?

I’m still not sure. Officially the paperwork states that I “Park[ed] vehicle in a parking space unless the person has done was is required by an authorised system for that space”.

What does that even mean?! I assume they think I didn’t pay for my parking but I really and truly did!

It’s a big lesson for me to always for parking pay via credit card – at least that way I’d have proof of payment.

But for now, all I can do is fight the good fight against city hall.

On-street parking meters generate a handsome $5 million annually for the city – that’s around ten grand a week in parking mishaps – but according to Council documents, they receive on average “in excess of 18,000 requests to review parking infringement notices issued in respect of parking offences each year”.

That means I have to sit tight and await the outcome of my review.

And be grateful that at least I didn’t cop a vehicle fine as outrageously expensive as this guy.

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