“My lifesavers, my angels” Police rescue injured elderly woman left alone on floor for days

An 80-year-old woman who spent four days lying on the floor of her home with a broken hip, unable to call for help, has been rescued thanks to Queensland’s Coronavirus Care Army initiative.

Doctors say Erika Freingruber, who lives alone and has no immediate family, is lucky to be alive after the horror fall at her Beaudesert home last week.

Queensland Police today released vision of the moment they found the elderly woman lying in pain on the floor of her home after a member of the Care Army team raised the alarm after not being able to contact her.


In the vision, officers can be seen bashing down the front door after hearing Erika’s faint calls for help.

They then rushed to Ms Freingruber’s aid and comforted her by providing water before paramedics arrived on scene.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the rescue demonstrated the crucial work of the care army and police.

“I am extremely grateful to the member of the Care Army who raised the alarm when Erika couldn’t be contacted,” the Premier said.

“And as for the police, I can’t say enough about the urgency, professionalism and compassion they brought to bear in going to Erika’s aid.

“This is what Queenslanders are all about… looking out for each other, caring for each other and protecting each other.”

PHOTO: Qld Police

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said Erika’s traumatic ordeal demonstrated the importance of caring for seniors, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We need to make sure everyone in our community is being looked after during these times, particularly those more vulnerable such as older people, those with a medical condition and people who live alone,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“We are very pleased Erika registered for assistance with the Care Army and through the systems in place, police were able to get to her before it was too late.

“The officers should be commended for their quick-thinking actions in forcing their way into Erika’s home and their compassion in looking after her and even visiting her in hospital.”

And as for Erika, she could not be more grateful for the officers, who she says are her “angels”, for saving her life.

“My lifesavers, my angels. Not policemen, my angels,” Erika said.


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No way that women was on the floor more than a couple of hours… I found my mother after 3days she was nearly dead and soaked in urine not telling me about apple juice in fridge…. What a load of croc for publicity