Mystery $40m lotto winners found

A married couple who bought a QuickPick in Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto draw is the mystery winner of $40 million.

A three day search of the South Gippsland region was carried out this week to find the nation’s newest multi-millionaire, after they failed to come forward.

The stunned couple only realised on Thursday night that their 36-game QuickPick was the division one winning entry that everyone had been talking about.


We’ve checked the numbers on our ticket over and over but they still haven’t changed!” the winning wife laughed.

“Someone told us to check our ticket and it turned out that it was us all along.

“It’s a big, big shock! It’s incredible!”

They couple plans to share their good fortune.

“It’s always been our plan that if we won the lottery, even $1 million, that we would share the money with the Leongatha community and many other good causes – and now that plan has just grown a lot bigger.

“This windfall is more than enough to look after our family and we’re not greedy, so all we’ve been thinking about is how else we can help.

“The biggest change for us after winning will be being able to retire and not being under the clock. It’s amazing what you can do with more time to enjoy the things you love.”