NAB customer information uploaded to data companies

Thousands of NAB customers have had their personal information leaked to data service companies.

The bank confirmed it was making contact with more than 13,000 people on Friday night.

It’s understood the leak was due to ‘human error’, as confirmed by the country’s fourth largest bank in a statement overnight.


Information including date of birth, contact details and licence numbers were forwarded to two different data companies without permission.

The data service companies reportedly told NAB that the information they receive is deleted within two hours.

NAB confirmed that no log-in details or passwords were compromised in the breach.

“The issue was human error and in breach of NAB’s data security policies.

“There is no evidence to indicate that any of the information has been copied or further disclosed,” Chief Data Officer Glenda Crisp said in a statement.

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I was contacted today by NAB offering their apology for leaking my data, I’m one of the 13,000. I have been given the measly sum of $200 to compensate me for the data leak, NAB telling me this amount is sufficient to cover the cost to reissue my drivers licence with a different licence number. Problem is, so many organisations and institutions have my driver licence, or licence number for ID purposes. If I change my licence number I will have to notify all of these organisations, and given the amount of work and inconvenience involved right there, I probably won’t bother.

I had it confirmed by the agent I spoke with that the amount and nature of the data that was leaked is enough to open a bank account and/or apply for a line credit in my name.

As customers, we have to apply to organisations and institutions to open bank accounts and credit lines. I believe as customers we should be looking closer at these organisations and institutions and ‘judging’ them on their track record with handling peoples private information, data breaches and leaks etc, just as we are judged on our track record of managing finances.

NAB, I can no longer trust you, and will I change my banking to a ‘safer’ organisation that looks after me and protects my privacy, as soon as possible – you need to more careful!

have you taken any legal opinion on your options?

My passport details were part of the leaked information..?

Has anyone sought legal advice??