NAPLAN results fall again

The release of the final 2016 NAPLAN results have shown another drop since the testing system was introduced in 2008.

While funding is at its highest level, NAPLAN results are not reflecting the spend.

Education ministers will meet today to discuss a new deal on funding for schools, which is expected to be finalised next year and implemented in 2018.


The 2016 NAPLAN testing of literacy and numeracy in students in grades 3, 5, 7 and 9, was undertaken earlier this year, showing a drop in student achievement.

The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority say there were some years the results have varied since 2008, but more recently there has been no significant improvement.

Similarly, recently two international studies show Australia lagging behind in maths and science and education.

The federal government argues the results show a strong system that will improve with better distributed funding, while the opposition says continued bad results show disadvantaged children are still struggling at school.

In spite of disappointing results, there was a significant gain made by indigenous students and students from non-English speaking backgrounds students since 2008.


* Reading for Years 3 and 5 better than 2008 but no improvement from 2015

* Spelling, grammar and punctuation for Year 3 better than 2008 but no improvement from 2015

* Numeracy for year 5 better than 2008 but no improvement from 2015

* Writing for Year 9 worse than comparable tests in 2011

* Only Years 3 and 5 have significantly higher proportion of students meeting national minimum standards than in 2008

* WA and Queensland made the highest gains

* ACT, NSW and Victoria still have highest average achievement in Years 3, 5 and 7.