Nappygate in Brisbane: Aren’t there bigger things to get your knickers in a knot about?

If you’ve been online or listened to morning radio in the last few days, you probably haven’t been able to miss ‘nappygate’. In case you haven’t seen it, a new mum changed her baby’s nappy whilst at the table in a café in Brisbane, and the other patrons were (understandably) miffed.

The owner eventually gave her some side eye, and the woman – ie. The Nappy Changer – wrote a scathing review online afterwards.

Then the internet took over.


People are not happy that said woman had the audacity to change a baby’s nappy in a café – it had a little more going on than liquid, if you catch my drift – and people online are incensed. Incensed, I tell you!

The attacks she’s copping online are brutal. Whoever she is, I can only imagine she’s feeling pretty crappy about all of this. And to be honest, I find that more distressing than her poor etiquette at the coffee table.

Should a baby’s nappy be changing in a café? On a table where people eat, even with a change mat? Near people who are eating food? Absolutely not.

But let’s keep this in perspective: it was a discreet newborn smudge, it’s not like a toddler dropped a log in the open.

More importantly: is she a new mum who is learning the ropes about this sort of stuff? It sounds like it. She did the wrong thing and she handled it wrong when she wrote a negative review, but she has a 12-week-old baby. No one is the best version of themselves when they are caring for an infant that young.

She doesn’t deserve to be called, as one commenter described her, a “vile, selfish woman”.

Nor do I think that she deserves to be labelled arrogant, disgusting, self-absorbed, disrespectful or entitled, as others have gone on to call her.

This right here is what bothers me about our current life and times: we’re all so quick to jump on the outrage train.

The internet amplifies everything until we create all of this manufactured outrage about a situation that, ultimately, isn’t a big deal.

So I’m asking you, internet, can we cut her a break and move on? There are plenty of things to get whipped up into a frenzy about, and this just isn’t one of them.