70 bus-sized bags filled with sand to replenish artificial reef at Narrowneck

THE Gold Coast’s artificial reef at Narrowneck is getting a face lift, with 70 school bus sized sand bags to be dropped onto the old reef in a bid to protect the beach.

The $2 million artificial reef is designed to stop erosion from large waves hitting the shore and promote a build-up of sand near the bottom of the reef which should break down larger swells.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the reef, built in 1999, has been vital in coastal protection but it’s time to help it out.


“Like any infrastructure, the reef has a design life and requires renewal to ensure the structure continues to function and protect this vulnerable stretch of foreshore,” he said.

70 bus-sized bags filled with sand will be dumped on the artificial reef to help protect Narrowneck Beach (Supplied)

The first of the 70 bags were dropped on Wednesday (Supplied)

While the primary idea behind the artificial reef was to protect the beach, the Mayor said it other benefits.

“We understand the importance of surfing on the Gold Coast and considered surfing outcomes when designing the renewal,” Cr Tate said.

“This has included scale model testing to assess waves breaking on the reef.”