NASA rocket explodes seconds after takeoff

An unmanned NASA rocket has exploded six seconds after launch in Virginia, USA.

The Orb-3 mission Antares rocket has due to embark on a re-supply mission to the International Space Station.


“We have lost the Orb-3 vehicle,” said the commentator on NASA television, after the lift-off on Tuesday at Wallops Island, Virginia.

“At this point it appears that the damage is limited to the facility,” the NASA commentator said.

Authorities have confirmed no personnel were injured in the explosion.

The rocket had previously been delayed for three days due to bad weather.

Significant porperty and vehicle damage was reported.

It’s not yet known what cuased the explosion.

The mission was then further delayed after a boat was detected 40 miles from the launch site.

They had to wait for the boat to pass incase the rocket had exploded shortly after takeoff as it could have hit the boat.