Man accused of Southport bashing has charge upgraded to murder

THE MAN accused of bashing his Southport neighbour has been charged with murder on Friday morning.

Nathan Sanchez,23, appeared in Southport Court via video link and was seen shaking his head as his grevious bodily harm charge was upgraded to murder.

Police alleged Sanchez choked neighbour Kane Barry during the fight outside their Southport Apartment complex on September 16.


Barry was taken to hospital in a serious condition and remained in a coma for a number of days.

On September 21, Barry’s family made the painstaking choice to turn off his life support after several unsuccessful attempts to wake him up.

An autopsy completed earlier this week deemed Mr Barry’s cause of death to be hypoxia with the victim also sustaining a ruptured larynx.

Sanchez’s lawyer Colin Greatorix told the court his client would lodge a bail application in the Supreme Court in the next fortnight.

Mr Greatorix told reporters earlier this week his client claims he was attacked by Mr Barry and his girlfriend and that he never intended to cause his neighbour’s death.

He’ll be back in court on December 11.

Meanwhile, a fundraiser is being held to raise money for Kane Barry’s 5-year-old daughter.

Freinds and family will be holding an event at Galleon Way in Currumbin on Saturday September 27 to raise money for Ellie-May.

There’ll be jumping castles, a sausage sizzle among a range of other activites.

You can also make donations to the fund at