NATIONAL CABINET: Most state’s agree to reopen by Christmas

I don’t want to get your hopes up, but a sneaky interstate Christmas holiday could be on the cards.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today confirmed the majority of states had agreed to a timeline of reopening their economies before Christmas.

He said every state and territory leader had committed to the plan, except for Western Australia.


“We agreed in principle with the reopening framework for Australia by Christmas,” the Prime Minister said.

“Western Australia, we understand there is some special circumstances there… I made that very clear in WA, the nature of our economy and how that works, the Premier continues to maintain his position on that and that’s a matter for him.

“But around the rest of the country, they have their timetables and we look forward to that opening and the commitment by Christmas of this year,” Morrison added.

“Certainly seven of the eight states and territories will be open and that will be a great day for Australia, and you never know, it might be eight”.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also reaffirmed her position, revealing a pre-Christmas reopening is the goal.

But she said the virus must first be under control before any drastic measures to completely reopen the country are taken.

“It would be wonderful to see a date where all of Australia could open up at the same time,” Ms Palaszczuk told reporters on Friday.

“I think that’s where the national cabinet wants to get to, but of course there are some hurdles in the way and those hurdles are making sure it is absolutely safe to do so.”

National Cabinet will meet again on November 13.