National Cabinet to discuss borders, hospital capacity, modelling concerns

It’s set to be a fiery National Cabinet meeting today, as some states begin to peel away from the country’s plan to reopen.

Queensland and Western Australia appear to be the front runners in declaring they can’t begin reopening borders even once we’re at 80 per cent vaccinated.

The Queensland Premier’s stance is now to keep the borders closed until kids under 12 can be vaccinated.


There are also fears that hospital systems in some states actually won’t be able to keep up if the virus is allowed to spread, despite being able to prepare for outbreaks since March 2020.

Hospital capacity, particularly in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, will also be discussed at National Cabinet.

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s also caused a bit of a stir and has been accused of scaremongering over a social media post yesterday, that suggested 2,240 Australians will die each month once we let the virus spread.

“I sympathise with people interstate enduring months of lockdown, but my job is to protect Queenslanders,” she posted to Twitter yesterday.

“That’s what we’ve done since the start of the pandemic and we will continue to do.

“That’s why I’m calling to see detailed modelling so we can give Queenslanders answers.

“If NSW is the model of what lies in store for all of us, then serious discussions are needed.

“Doherty Institute modelling predicts, even with 70% of the population vaccinated, 80 people will die each day six months after the outbreak.

“That’s 2,240 who will die each month,” the posts read.

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt then slammed her for misusing modelling, specifically when it comes to the fear for children.

“Serious illness remains extremely rare in children, I also quote ‘even children with serious underlying conditions will mostly only experience a mild illness with covid 19’.

I also quote ‘the single most effective tool to prevent infection in children is to reduce infection in adults’,” Health Minister Greg Hunt said.