National Cabinet to discuss multiple Covid issues today

National Cabinet meets again today, with a number of items set to be discussed including matters regarding the new variant.

The future of the international borders are expected to dominate talks after the reopening was delayed by two weeks over Omicron.

International students and visa holders were due to be allowed back to Australia at the start of December, before the federal government pushed it back.


The two week pause is due to come to an end next week unless any other concerns over the Omicron variant emerge.

The Prime Minister will confirm that with state and territory leaders today.

Health officials will also provide an update on the new variant, which was split into two strains earlier this week.

Secretary of the Department of Health Doctor Brendan Murphy has this morning assured that there’s no need to panic.

“We’re still learning about the Omicron variant, the information out of South Africa suggests we’re not seeing a high incidents of hospitalisation and disease but we still have to learn more.

“We have to get more information from countries who have significant clusters of this virus.

“We’re still doing lab tests on this variant. There is a suggestion that the vaccines will benefit from a booster to protect against this strain.

“We don’t know how it will spread in Australia but w do know that it is here, certainly in Sydney, and it is likely to spread.

“But we don’t need to panic, we just need to study it more,” Doctor Murphy said on Friday morning.