National Cabinet to focus on increasing cap on international arrivals

Pressure is mounting for Australia to increase its cap on international arrivals, to get more stranded Aussies home.

The federal government wants to allow an extra 2,000 people back in each week, but need the states to do their part.

Currently, New South Wales does the heavy lifting on overseas arrivals, taking 2,450 a week.


That’s set to increase by 500 people. While Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia will also be asked to take on an extra 500 people.

Earlier this week, the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said he would be writing to Premiers on the matter.

“I urge and encourage Annastacia Palaszczuk to look at the Cairns and Gold Coast options, to use those international ports as well, to make sure that Queensland can get more Australians home, indeed more Queenslanders home,” Mr McCormack said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has since indicated she’s happy to help, but admitted she was blind sighted by the request.

The matter is expected to dominate National Cabinet discussions.

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Many of those stranded people chose to stay abroad at the start of the pandemic convincing themselves ‘she’ll be right’. Others unbelievably chose to fly abroad during the pandemic when they could easily have had their air flights refunded. I hope the cost of bringing these numpties home will not be at the cost of the australian public.