National Leftovers Day – How to save food this Xmas

A national campaign is showing Australians how to save food over the festive season.

Boxing Day has been named as ‘National Leftovers Day’ according to the DoSomething Charity.

On December 26th, Australia’s fridges will be bursting with leftovers. Now in it’s sixth year, the day encourages Australians to use up all their Christmas leftovers.


“During December, IBISWorld estimates that Australians will spend $10.1 billion on food,” said Jon Dee, the Managing Director of DoSomething and the founder of Leftovers Day.

“Throwing out food over Christmas wastes hundreds of millions of dollars and impacts the environment. But we don’t have to be a scrooge to save food and money,” said Mr Dee. “With a little forward planning we can still have a generous feast without the waste.”

The top 5 ways to save food over Christmas:

• Buy only what you need – draw up a shopping list and stick to it.
• Avoid the panic buy – don’t buy food for people that might not turn up.
• Plan your portions – try not to serve more than people can eat.
• If you have leftovers, put them in air-tight containers, it makes them last longer.
• Re-use your Christmas staples:

Turkey, ham, chicken and vegetables can be used in sandwiches, quiches, soups and other meals. What you don’t eat in the Christmas period, can be frozen and eaten in January. Leftovers recipes are available from

 Interesting Facts:

• An estimated 4 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in Australia.
• That’s equivalent to 450,000 garbage trucks worth of food.
• Australian households spend $8 billion on edible food that is thrown away.
• What we also throw away is all the energy and resources that go into getting that food from the paddock to our plates.