National MPs push for cashless card welfare rollout

The Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, is leading a group of National MPs in support of a larger rollout of the cashless welfare card.

Trials for the controversial card are currently underway in Logan and two other locations around the country.

People using the card have part of their dole payments quarantined, so they cannot spend money on alcohol or gambling.


Despite the trial only being in its early stages a group of National MPs want to see the program expanded to regional and remote areas.

National party leader, Barnaby Joyce said the results show the card should be used in more locations.

“When alcohol goes out of the area and money is spent on food, not cigarettes and drugs, you find people want to stay with the cashless card,” he said.

“Since it’s working in one place, we want to try it in others.”

Social Services Minister Christian Porter, is eager to nominate a fourth trial site but said that’s as far as he was prepared to go at this stage.


The ABC reports at least six Nationals are in favour of changes to welfare, which would also include restrictions on spending for Newstart and Youth allowance recipients.