NBN expands on the Gold Coast

Tens of thousands more locals on the Gold Coast can now access super-fast internet with a major expansion of NBN in the region.

The NBN will be available to a further 26,800 homes and businesses in the Gold Coast region by next month, bringing the total number of premises able to connect to the network to 63,100.

Telstra Area General Manager, Darren Clark, said the general feedback from customers on the NBN was that they were enjoying faster speeds and could do more online with less buffering.


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“The arrival of superfast broadband is great news for the Gold Coast community and helps to keep locals at the forefront of technology in Australia.”

Mr Clark said the arrival of the NBN would help locals continue to stream more content across a myriad of different devices.

“The streaming video revolution is accelerating demand for fast, reliable connectivity. With the NBN, local households can enjoy their favourite shows, sports and movies over the internet with less buffering and fewer interruptions.

“It means one of the kids can stream Netflix on the tablet while another watches a movie on the TV and the parents can be working online on the laptop, all at the same time with a reliable connection.”