Nearly $12 million worth of cannabis plants destroyed in major bust

Nearly $12 million worth of cannabis has been seized and destroyed following a major drug bust over the border.

Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Drug and Firearms Squad came across the huge haul during this year’s Cannabis Eradication Program, which targets the outdoor cultivation of cannabis throughout Northern NSW.

During the program, detectives seized 5,818 plants, with an estimated potential street value of $11.6 million.


This includes more than 3,100 plants and 5kg of cannabis head seized in the Coffs Police District between 3 and 7 February, more than 1,690 plants seized in Richmond Police District between 24 and 28 February, and 1,015 plants seized in Tweed/Byron Police District between 9 and 12 March 2020.


According to officers, many of the crops were found growing in remote dense bushland.

“All the plants were certified by an agronomist and have since been destroyed,” police said.


In total, 25 people were served Court Attendance Notices for offences relating to the cultivation of cannabis.

Drug and Firearms Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent John Watson, said police have been confronted with challenging conditions this season.

“The environment has been extremely challenging for police – we had the bushfires, rain, flooding – so to say the criminals are doing their best to get into really remote areas is an understatement,”” Det Supt Watson said.

“The expertise and assistance of our specialist units is essential to the success of the program and this year has been no different.”

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Makes you wonder about where those seldom-used random car tracks lead to now, out in the scrubs….

Be good if they went after ice and heroin etc. The photos are clear, it’s bush weed. Legalise for personal use (recreational & medicinal) today!

be good if they could treat drugs as a health issue not a criminal issue right across the board

Yeah no one gives a toss. Our policies on marijuana are outdated making this nothing more than a strain on resources and tax payers money. Do something a little more constructive with your time next time around

Waste of police resources and public money legalise Cannabis Now

What a waste of police resources. The police could be chasing murderers and pedophiles but instead they kill 5,000 plants, ridiculous.

What a waste of good medicine , good clothes .. better paper . A literal smodgasboard of oils and creams all good for the body .. painkiller and inflammation oils and b***ers can make a building product called hemp Crete that regulatss temperature better than anything we have today ..what else did they destroy oh the enjoyment of thousands who de stress from the poison of the 6 oclock news and general life while peaceably in their own home .. pathetic job for human beings to do … when there’s all this evidence

What a waste of good healing herb. So many people in pain and with cancer could have benefited from it. Shame on those who want to eradicate it. Totally shameless and stupid in this day and age….