Nearly 60,000 Ford Rangers recalled over fears they could catch fire

FORD Australia has issued a major recall of 59,254 Ranger utes sold since July 2016, over fears they may catch fire.

The car manufacturer alerted owners to the nationwide recall on Monday, urging them to avoid driving over long grass over the Christmas holidays.

“When driven over long grass affected vehicles may accumulate vegetation under the vehicle near the exhaust system,” the recall notice reads.


“The exhaust system in that area may reach a high temperature. If sufficient grass or other combustible material has accumulated, they may be ignited by the exhaust system, causing smoke or flames to appear from under the vehicle.”

Ford will write to the owners of all affected vehicles. To check if your ute is recalled, click here.

For further information, Ranger owners can contact any authorised Ford Dealer or Ford’s Customer Relationship centre on 1800 503 672.