Needing urgent financial relief or settlement?

In cases involving domestic violence, we see many clients where financial support and/or access to bank accounts are withheld or threatened to be withheld suddenly by the abusive partner, child support is being refused to be paid, and in some cases, there is an urgent need to relocate and incur establishment costs.

If you are being prevented from having access to joint financial assets and unable to meet normal household expenses, it is time to call DV LAWYER.

Property settlement mediation

To resolve financial and property matters, you can go to Court, however, there may be significant delays before the Court is able to determine the matter.

For a much swifter result, you may want to enter into Mediation. As Nationally Accredited Mediators, DV LAWYER can act as a Mediator and attempt to resolve the division of property and assets as early as possible. This can occur in separate rooms or on the telephone if there are safety concerns. If an agreement is reached, you will not have to go to Court and you can severe the financial tie sooner.

If we are not acting as a Mediator, and you prefer us to represent you as your lawyer, DV LAWYER can:

  • provide you with advice about your entitlement to a property settlement and discuss the prospects of your case with you. You may be eligible to make a claim for a property settlement even if the assets are only in your ex-partner’s name;
  • assist you lodge any urgent Caveats over property;
  • negotiate on your behalf with your ex-partner and draft Consent Orders should there be an agreement reached;
  • draft and advise on Binding Financial Agreements and Binding Child Support Agreements.

If you do not reach agreement, we can draft all the required court documents to be filed in Court and represent you all the way to Trial if necessary.

Take the first step and call Kathleen Simpson at DV LAWYER for a Free Consultation.