Needle-free vaccine research proves successful in mice

Covid vaccine patches could become a reality in the near future, with new technology developed in the US proving successful in mice.

An Australia-US team of researchers are working on patches that are around one centimetre squared and dotted with more than 5,000 microscopic spikes, as a way to administer vaccines in future.

It’s applied with a device that clicks the patch onto the skin, ensuring the spikes are able to penetrate the skin.


It’ll mean that those who don’t want to get needle injections could simply self-administer.

There are already predictions that this option would help boost vaccine uptake.

Researchers from the University Of Queensland have been involved in the report, and expect to begin clinical trials as early as next year.

They said that the vaccine patch has already been trialled on mice, with the ones who received two doses proving to be more protected from the virus.

It’s understood that in some cases, the patches outperformed syringes in efficacy as well.

The patches are yet to be tested on humans, but phase one of clinical trials could get underway early in 2022.