Nestle introduces rebranded ‘Red Ripper’ and ‘Cheekies’

Nestle has unveiled the new names for two lolly products, after claims the names were offensive.

‘Red Skins’ will now be renamed ‘Red Ripper’, while ‘Chicos’ will have their name changed to ‘Cheekies’.

The confectionary giant announced back in June that it would change the names of the products, after drawing intense critisim in the midst of the world-wide ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.


Nestle said it would change the names, so as not to marginalise their consumers.

The formerly known ‘Red Skin’ is considered offensive to the Nation Americans and First Nations people in Canada, while ‘Chicos’ is considered offensive to Latin Americans.

The rebranded lollies are set to return to supermarket shelves early in 2021.

“The names are new but the lollies remain the same delicious treats you know and love,” Nestle’s social media announcement reads.