Netflix partners with the ABC for Aussie political thriller

The ABC and Netflix have teamed up to commission a political thriller about the top secret American-Australian intelligence facility at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory.

The base is shrouded in secrecy but is known to use satellite data to guide drone strikes and direct special force operations against terrorists.

It’s understood the series will be six-hours long and made by the team who created the classic Aussie show, Underbelly.


The show’s creator Greg Harrdick, told TV Tonight the series would be fictional but inspired by modern geo-political tensions.

“Since the ’80s I have been fascinated by the world of Pine Gap and what it meant to be living with a little bit of America in the middle of Australia, and the relations between Americans and Australians on that base,” he said

“So it evolved out of wanting to tell a story of those who work in intelligence, and how an environment of secrecy and increasing geo-political pressures impacts on those relationships.”

Casting has not been announced but the producers are Lisa Scott and Felicity Packard, who worked together on the ABC mini series Anzac Girls.

“Pine Gap” is financed by Netflix and ABC, in association with the South Australian Film Corporation and additional financial support is provided by a grant from Screen Territory.