Netflix reveals a KILLER schedule for next month

Netflix Australia must be a bit nervous about other streaming sites, because they’ve just dropped a schedule of what’s coming next month, and it’s insane.

The month of July, you’re going to want to crawl up into a couch ball, with your cosy comforter and a cuppa tea because it’s binge-watching season.

Heads up UberEats, your sales are about to go through the roof.


The bomb line up features some renewed seasons that, sure, we knew they were coming.

But season 4 of ‘Queer Eye’ is dropping and that was NOT EXPECTED but so, SO wanted – ‘can you believe?!’

Season 7 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ is back and what is even left to happen? But we’re ready.

‘Suits’ season 8, yes thanks.

‘Stranger Things’ getting even stranger no doubt for season 3.

And ‘Designated Survivor’ is on the cards too, we’re told people like it.

But here is the best news we’ve ever received: in July, Netflix Australia, will air, wait for it…

Kath and Kim!!! All four seasons!!! Break open the footy franks, the Tia Maria, the BBQ shapes and let’s roll.

We’re not positive if Netflix is a bit panicked that some major shows such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Chernobyl’ dropped on Foxtel, but we don’t even mind.

How can we escalate this TV streaming war? What else even is there?

Here’s the schedule, mark it in your calendar, plan your sick days etc.

PHOTO | Screenshot from Netflix Australia Facebook post.