New advice after four people suffer allergic reactions to COVID jab

People with a history of anaphylaxis are being advised to “hold off” on getting the AstraZeneca vaccine after four Queenslanders suffered an allergic reaction.

The reactions, which happened in Bundaberg, Toowoomba and Ispwich, all occurred in the past 48 hours.

The Queensland Government confirmed on Wednesday that all cases were immediately treated, recovered quickly and are doing well.


However, the State Government said it has reported the incidents to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

“It is fine for people to have the vaccination unless they have a history of anaphylaxis reaction to products that are in the vaccine,” Director-general of Queensland Health Dr John Wakefield said.

“What we have done is essentially said let’s have a look at these cases, let’s see if there is anything else that needs to be done.”

It comes just a few weeks after a nurse at the Gold Coast University Hospital suffered an allergic reaction to the Pfizer jab.

Despite the reactions, Health Minister Yvette Dath has reassured Queenslanders that the vaccine is safe.

“This is not new news, in the sense of we are seeing allergic reactions, we are not surprised we are seeing allergic reactions, but we do want to let the public know,” Ms Dath said.

Federal Health Secretary, Professor Brendan Murphy, said there is “no reason at all for concern”.

“This will be investigated by the TGA, but there is to my knowledge, no reason at all for concern at all,” he said.

“We have seen anaphylaxis with the Pfizer vaccine, we have seen it with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and they have all been expertly treated.

“We would expect to see anaphylaxis, and we would have adrenaline on hand and know how to manage the condition.

“We are confident the program should continue to go ahead as it has. I have had the AstraZeneca vaccine a week ago, more than a week ago, with Minister Hunt, and I am very confident this is a very safe and very, very effective vaccine”.

Queensland recorded six new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, all returned travellers who tested positive while in hotel quarantine.

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Nothing to see here folks….just line up like cattle for the jab. Even Scotty says its ok.

Collateral damage