New clothes and a warm-and-fuzzy feeling

CALL me cheap. Call me frugal. Call me whatever you like, but there’s one label I rarely wear – and that’s a brand new one with tags.

It’s for a fairly boring reason… I’m just not huge a fan of paying retail prices for things. Anything.

From whitegoods and towels to clothes and furniture, I really despise paying full price.


I find myself quietly outraged when a top I like ends up being $50 – as Macklemore says, it’s just too much to pay for a shirt.
As a result, I have a fairly restricted wardrobe, with a small number of garments on very high rotation.

I’ve also become quite skilled as skimming the racks of a second-hand store for a bargain or two.

On the rare days that I’ve had a bit of time to go op-shopping, I’ve picked up a new-condition parka for $12.50, brand-name jeans for $10 and Nike track pants, tags still on, for $8.

For some reason, it had never occurred to me to actually seek out op shops when I need something.

So recently, when I realised I needed to buy a new outfit for a friend’s wedding, I decided to hit the second-hand circuit rather than the retail one.

op shop dressesWith so many fantastic spots to go op shopping on the Gold Coast, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I took my time, tried things on that piqued my interest and – as per usual – I scored!

Two brand-new, wedding appropriate outfits came home with me that day, for the princely sum of $15 each.

To top it off, I know that the money I spent on those outfits won’t line the pockets of some slum-lord type managing a 5-cents-an-hour factory in Bangladesh.

Instead, the money goes towards good causes – in this case, the charity run by the church that helps the homeless. In the past I’ve shopped with much success at the RSPCA’s second-hand store at Robina as well; see aforementioned parka.

I have to say, it’s much more satisfying than giving my hard-earned cash to some money-hungry big business.

After all, it’s new clothes and a warm-and-fuzzy feeling – win-win, am I right?

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