New coronavirus case diagnosed on Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has recorded one new case of coronavirus overnight, the only new case across the entire State.

A woman who had recently returned from overseas and was in quarantine has tested positive to COVID-19.

myGC understands a person in quarantine at the Voco Hotel in Surfers Paradise was taken to hospital on Wednesday, however Queensland Health has not confirmed whether that is the person who has tested positive.


There are now four active cases across Queensland, three of those on the Gold Coast.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the new case is nothing to be worried about

“She was in quarantine, so we don’t have any concerns there, but, of course, we’re gonna be monitoring her health,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“But that, once again, is no locally acquired transmission here in Queensland.”

More than 235,000 tests have now been carried out across the State since the beginning of the pandemic.

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NSW had someone catch Coronavirus from an unknown local acquired source last week. So glad we shut the borders. New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters is keen to have travel bubble with Tasmania, Queenland and N.T. (but not so keen on other states) but Austrlalian Government won’t let New Zealander’s come until all the the borders are open. New Zealanders won’t approve their citizens to travel if borders are down and there is still locally acquired infection like in NSW and Victoria. New Zealand is also negotiating a travel bubble with Fiji too and Israel, Taiwan and Thailand and a few other countries would like to be included. It seems like we will be forgoing international tourism and risking infection by opening up our borders to NSW and Victoria. when we could just have infection free travel between virus free countries and states. Stupid!

Just now PM wants all borders open to let in international students. Time he thought of his people and not international money. Stick to your guns Queensland and Tassie and keep international travellers out for at least 12 months else it is just greed and panic, all Aussies matter.

Why arent you reporting on W.H.O statements this week that asymptomatic carriers are not a risk and arent contagious, you literally have to be showing signs of Corona (common cold) to spread.
Social distancing was a waste of time, masks were/are more a health threat than any protection.
Disgusting what MSM has done with Overload Brainwashing over a common cold. Report last years Seasonal flu deaths…. Australia-13500 hospitalizations and 3500 deaths according to CDC…
MSM is the root of all evil….
Flu vaccine gives FALSE POSITIVE, also increases yr risk of Corona by 36% (according to
Yet MSM keeps pushing the GET YR FLU SHOT ??? DISGUSTING…

Iit sounds like you are an expert…..on everything…..and a knower of nothing!
Think about it. Would you risk your loved one’s lives? How many health professionals do you think marched last weekend? I would guess little or none as they would not dare because of the risk. Have you ever witnessed somebody dying, struggling for breath? You might care to think again of your ridiculous remarks. People dont die of the common cold.

Keep our boarders shut Queensland. We can make it on our own .

boarders shut .

People are brain washed, borders must open now we don’t need kiwis and you are happy to have 65000 people come to qld since it started. This has cost us alone 16 million dollars.