New data shows true impact of Queensland border closures

New economic modelling shows just how much Queensland is missing out on as the border closures stay in place.

The state government been slammed for letting the closures stay in place, despite federal advice never saying it was appropriate to do so.

Most recently, it was also revealed that the government hadn’t conducted their own economic modelling on the issue, indicating they had almost no idea just what the unnecessary closures were costing the state.


The federal government has now stepped in to do the sums, after weeks of pushing the state to reopen as soon as possible.

The latest Treasury modelling says that if Queensland was to move to stage three restrictions and open the borders now, 66,000 people could be back at work.

It’s also expected to inject over $650 million into the state’s economy each and every month.

July 10 was locked in as the reopening date by the Premier following National Cabinet last week, but even that date’s now been shrouded in mystery again due to words from the Premier in parliament yesterday.

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Just open the border FFS!