New declaration forms cause chaos at Qld border checkpoint

Bad news for anyone heading across the border back into Queensland this afternoon, with the new border checks causing massive delays for motorists.

The old border permits are now invalid, with everyone, including Queenslanders, required to fill in a new declaration form online in order to get back into the sunshine state.

Traffic is currently at a standstill northbound on the Pacific Motorway all the way from Tugun back to Tweed Heads South.


Warnings have even been put up on electronic billboards on the M1, advising motorists that delays of at least 90 minutes are being experienced.

Acting Superintendent Greg Baade has urged drivers to fill out the declaration forms before they get to the checkpoints in order to help minimise delays.

“We know this is going to be pretty unpleasant for a bit, people need to understand that, and can we just say can you get it done before you go, think about when you have to travel, understand that peak times are going to be really problematic so try and work around them.”

Police say they will go easy on motorists who haven’t yet been able to get their hands on a new pass today, but warn they will be cracking down tomorrow.

“We’re doing communication and compassion so we’re telling people get it by tomorrow, and tomorrow you will see congestion but just be patient and we will get you through.”

To apply for a new border declaration pass, click here.

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How can you change the permit without ANY notice, wtf this premier is a joke!!!!

So bad, they have the email address of everyone who has an exemption, why not send an email 24 hours prior to them, letting them know to print out a new one, but nah that would make too much sense.

One hour and twenty minutes from Tweed South to the checkpoint. Good one Anna.

NSW border towns are the ones most affected by the QLD border closure.
Why should NSW be the ones punished?

I could Imagine the comments if they let people through with no clearance forms and maybe if visitors
filled out there forms before they got there. QLD is running well by listening to the medical experts as it should be..

Forms were available 30mins after they expired, how exactly were they to be pre-filled?
Negative 30mins notification is the outrage here.

Why don’t they open more roads into coolangatta. Ducat street and Boyd street would ease the pressure on local traffic. Get the army to man them if the police cant handle it

I called it, border travelers were given negative 30mins notice of their passes expiring, what a joke.
I’m glad I was not trying to cross when they expired, I would have been furious.
They give a weeks notice to things that should be instantaneous, like the VIC shutout(allowing potentially infected a week to return unchecked), but then less than zero notice of border passes, there is no logic

Still looking for the new border declaration form and it’s nowhere to be seen. Everywhere directs you to the government website but there’s only the old exemption form. How are we expected to complete it if it’s not online!

UPDATE: I just contacted QLD health and they said it’s not available yet but it will be on their website before 10/7/20, and to keep checking. It needs to be completed online and they’ll email it to me, before we go over the border from NSW to QLD.

UPDATE 2: I just spoke to Qld Health again and they’ve told me this time that the declaration form to be used by those wanting to cross the border from NSW into QLD after 10/7/2020 will NOT be available till after 12pm on the 10/7/2020! So the same day it’s to be used from! Apparently they work 24/7, even on weekends, and the application will be processed very quickly. He told me if it’s not there then to ring them again ?. You should be able to find it on the QLD Health and also a link to it on the QLD Government Website when it’s eventually released.

do you know if the form be on Qld health website or Qld gov?

Why is the new pass only valid for 7 days needing to print new ones every week? Should there not be an option for a longer validity on the pass for people who live near the border and need to cross often?