New driving fines kick in for Queensland motorists today

There’s now even more incentive to do the right thing on our roads, with a drastic increase in fines coming into effect across the state today.

The fine for not wearing a seatbelt, or wearing it incorrectly, has jumped from $413 to a whopping $1078 and four demerit points.

Fines for speeding have also risen by up to $435, while the fine for running a red light has increased from $413 to $575 and three demerit points.


The crackdown comes after it was revealed 47,000 fines had been dished out to motorists since November last year, when new mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras came into effect.

“We make no apologies for being tough on this reckless and dangerous behaviour, just like we did for mobile phone offences,” Minister Bailey said.

“Speeding, red-light and seatbelt offending are major contributors to a high level of road trauma.

“The message is simple, if you don’t want one of these fines, do the right thing on our roads.”

81 lives have been lost on the state’s roads so far this year.