New embryo DNA test speeding up IVF and cutting miscarriage

A world-first DNA screening test for embryos is speeding up IVF, reducing miscarriages and giving fresh hope to would be parents on the Gold Coast.

Monash IVF Specialist Dr Kee Ong and his team are now able to test embryos by taking a sample of DNA fragments in the surrounding fluid, instead of the current and invasive biopsy procedure that can potentially damage or destroy weaker embryos.

Dr Kee Ong said the revolutionary test opens up a world of possibility for patients, in particular older mums and patients who have suffered repeated miscarriage.


“For the first time, we can identify the healthiest embryos with zero risk involved. The existing biopsy technique can not be performed on all embryos so many patients missed out,” Dr Ong said.

“Around 40 percent of patients who want to have genetic testing are unable to because their embryos are not strong enough to survive the procedure or the risk is too high. This new test is suitable for ALL embryos,” he said.

Available exclusively to Monash IVF patients, Dr Ong said the test will also reduce the number of babies born with genetic problems.

“One in six Australian couples struggle with infertility and the risk of chromosomal disorders is higher later in life when many women seek IVF treatment,” Dr Ong said.

“This journey is extremely stressful physically, emotionally and financially. Anything we can do to simplify the process, shorten the time it takes to achieve a healthy pregnancy and give patients peace of mind is an incredible thing.”

The new testing treatment is also a lot cheaper than the traditional method, as the process is quicker and less invasive.

“By making sure patients are having transfers with the healthiest embryos, we are reducing the frustration and we are also reducing the cost of the treatment,” Dr Ong said.

“Chromosomal disorders don’t just lead to babies born with Down Syndrome, a lot of those chromosomally abnormal embryos won’t take to begin with, so it makes it more difficult to fall pregnant or you may fall pregnant and miscarry,” Dr Ong said.

Overall, Dr Ong the test will increase the chance people will fall pregnant when they have an IVF transfer and reduce the chance of miscarriage once they are.

“We’re excited to be the only clinic on the Gold Coast offering this medical breakthrough and excited to already see first-hand the massive impact for our patients.”

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