New exotic rainforest enclosure set to wow animal lovers on the Gold Coast

ANIMAL lovers will soon be able to get up close and personal with a number of endangered and exotic animals on the Gold Coast with a new life-like rainforest enclosure set to open at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary next month.

The stunning ‘Lost Valley’ exhibit spans five hectares of lush rainforest similar to those that would have been found on the ancient supercontinent Gondwana before it broke up 180 million years ago.

Guests will essentially be able to explore a forgotten world and interact with some of the world’s most unique and distinctive flora and wildlife.


Some of the exotic wildlife species within the five-hectare enclosure will include friendly Ring Tail lemurs, Cotton-top tamarins, Red panda, Capybaras, and exotic reptiles, including the Green Iguana (pictured above).

A large number of free-flying birds will also roam the enclosure, including Eclectus Parrots, Molucan Red and Black Capped Lorys, Satin Bowerbirds, Emerald Doves, Chiming Wedgebill Golden Pheasants and striking Macaws.

The exhibit is three years in the making and is the biggest the Sanctuary has opened in its 70 year history.

Jonathan Fisher, CEO National trust of Australia (Queensland) said guests will feel like they are standing in the middle of an actual rainforest.

“This exhibit is the single largest investment by the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) and our mission is to connect people with nature and Lost Valley truly depicts this,” Mr Fisher said.

“We have managed to source the most unique and exotic animals and the team have created an incredibly natural, sustainable and biological environment for the animals and plants to thrive.”

“Guests will actually feel like they are in the middle of an actual rainforest.”

The ‘Lost Valley’ exhibit pays tribute to the existing Lost World Valley, a hidden gem in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

The Valley is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage listed area and includes expansive rainforest reserves, including both the Lamington and Springbrook National Parks.

Rainforest once covered most of the ancient southern super-continent of Gondwana and remains the most ancient type of botanical species in Australia.

There is a concentration of primitive plant families, which are directly linked to flowering plants existing over 100 million years ago, as well as some of the oldest elements of the world’s ferns and conifers.

Few places on earth contain so many plants and animals that are almost identical to their ancient ancestors.

Lost Valley opens at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on Boxing Day, December 26, 2017.