New G:Link ‘Summer Design’ Unveiled

Check out the latest design to cover one of the G:Link trams for summer!

The winning artwork – voted for by Gold Coasters in an online poll – was designed by local artist Cynthia Cabello, and will grace the seven carriages of the tram until the end of April. [Watch our video on it]

Acting Mayor Donna Gates described it as a great investment in our city’s art scene.


“The brief was ‘Art that grows, art that flows, and art that glows‘, and I think that’s been captured in the artwork – we’ve got the different sections of the tram representing those things.

Winning artist Cynthia Cabello told myGC what each of the designs on the tram represent.

“The Hinterland, and then suburbia – but really colourful suburbia because it’s multiculturalism – and then of course the lovely sun of gold coast, then the ocean, the surf, and then the coral.

Ms Cabello said she was blown away when she saw her artwork covering the tram.

“I just can’t believe it – it looks so…wow!”

“The thing is that I use the tram a lot, so I’m going to wait until I get into my tram,” she laughed.