New Gold Coast bin timetable to kick in this weekend

Gold Coast residents are being reminded to get the bins out early from this weekend, with a new collections program set to kick in.

From Sunday March 18, the City of Gold Coast bin services will be running on a 24-hour timetable, which means bins could be picked up from midnight on your usual pick up day.

The new collection program will run until after the Commonwealth Games on April 20.


Councillor Paul Taylor said this was a small but important change to behaviour for the next month.

“If your bin is not out before midnight your bin may not be collected and then you could have a smelly problem on your hands for the next week,” he said.

“I can’t stress this enough – we will NOT be back to pick it up.”

He said that the City was starting the 24-hour servicing two weeks before games to get people used to the changes.

Simple steps:

  1. From 18 March, place your bins out the night before your normal service day.
  2. Ensure your bin is placed where our waste truck can access it easily
  3. Remind your neighbours to put their bins out
  4. Bring your bin as soon as you can after servicing.

Cr Taylor said it was also worth noting that the Merrimac Waste and Recycling Centre will be closed from 2 April – 15 April.

“All other waste and recycling centres will be operating as usual, but we are asking people to reconsider any non-essential travel.”

For more information on waste services and other changes at Games time visit

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Does this relate to green waste bins as well

Oh great so now we get not only clogged roads and highways due to stupid government that can not plan ahead , yet tells us we should plan ahead to overcome the nightmare they have allowed to happen , we also get to have the REM sleeping hours destroyed by garbage trucks ……

So healthcare workers, and emergency services workers who finish their shift at midnight or 1pm. Then get home shower, wind down and get to sleep around 2:30am hoping to get adequate rest so they can perform complex task when back at work.

They get the joy of being woken up by the endless echoing of bins being emptied throughout the neighbourhood’s. Well done the moron who works 8 – 4pm that had this brainless idea. Just idiots.