New Gold Coast nightclub slammed over “disrespectful” name

A new Gold Coast nightclub has been forced to change its name after being slammed online by hundreds of people claiming the name of the venue is culturally disrespectful.

The ‘Tane’ nightclub, which is due to swing open its doors on Orchid Avenue in Surfers Paradise later this month, has copped a barrage of abuse on social media by locals upset by the use of the name of a Maori god.

“Why are you appropriating a culture that isn’t yours? This is offensive, Tānemahuta is a māori god not a marketing tool,” one person wrote on the nightclub’s Facebook page.


“Not at all impressed by the cultural insensitivity here using our Atua Tāne in the name for a night club! Our Atua is not for you to use!” wrote another.

In a post on the club’s Facebook page on Thursday afternoon, the owners of the venue confirmed the nightclub will be renamed.

“We would like to thank those on social media for raising their concerns regarding the name of our soon to be opened Gold Coast nightlife venue,” they wrote.

“While our intention was never to offend any culture, we recognize this has been the outcome, which is why we have made the immediate decision to change the name of the venue.

“We sincerely thank the community for bringing this matter to our attention so promptly and look forward to announcing a new name for our immersive jungle themed venue in the coming days.”

The nightclub has also confirmed that the name of their cocktails and all other associations to the culture will also be removed.

“Can you change the name of your cocktails that are named after our Atua(God) too please? They’re sacred and shouldn’t be used to label alcohol,” a concerned Facebook user posted.

“We can confirm that all of these aspects have been changed,” the nightclub said.

Since the announcement a short time ago, the business has been praised for acknowledging the concerns of the community and moving promptly to address them.

“Thank you for changing the name and overall theme, good to see a business listen when the community speaks,” a comment on the post reads.

It’s not yet clear whether the rebranding will delay the launch of the venue, with the proposed opening date initially slated for July 24.

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I have a friend named “Tane” all this time and I had no idea he was a god, guess they really do work in mysterious ways.
I will make him prove he is a god, or force him to immediately change his name in case someone finds it offensive…

It’s funny how people can be so touchy about foreign cultures and traditions, but when it comes to defend their own they wouldn’t give two hoots about it.
For example, you walk on the street and hear someone on their mobile using the name of God or Jesus in vain: “f… Jesus”, or “my f….. God”.
I respect everybody’s beliefs and cultures, as long as they respect mine.
PS.: I never heard anyone complained about ordering a “Bloody Mary”, have you???!!!

This IS our own culture we are defending, dumb a***

It’s not Australian culture though I am sure there are many things that could offend we can’t be mindful of every one of them.

Really,let’s ship the whole nightclub and it’s clientele over to NZ .So they can be outraged.Im sure nobody cares here on the coast.

Wow that just shows great respect on the owners behalf n im sure u will get alot of great business because of it

What the hell has happened to this country tuning into a bunch of soft c***s its just a name need to harden up and get out of of there safe space corner

Let it be known that no Egyptian ever complained about the Luxor hotel and casino. This is a prime example of people using their “heritage” as a tool to find something to be unhappy about. Not to mention this kiwi God isn’t even real you morons. It’s funny how people from NZ talk about how great new Zealand is yet for some reason they all live here.

Luxor wasn’t a god dufus

You see those statues of Anubis out front

I guess Jupiter’s Casino is in trouble then, and the Apollo Theatre, and Scandinavians must be highly insulted by the Thor movie franchise. And what about all the Buddha statues in garden shops? Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and would kill people who insulted them. Gods don’t exist people. Get over it.

We are all our own gods.. just look in the mirror… i do every hr almost!!

I come from the Cook Islands Tane means man

Effin BULLs***