New mystery case of Covid-19 pops up in Queensland border town

The Queensland border town of Goondiwindi is on high alert this morning after a new mystery case of coronavirus was detected.

It’s the state’s first local case in nearly two weeks, in addition to a truck driver who passed through the town while infectious on Sunday.

The person has now been airlifted to one of the Covid wards in Brisbane, while health officials try to determine exactly how they caught the virus.


There are a couple of exposure sites listed for the town, in relation to the truck driver who had already left the state before testing positive.

They include the Goondiwindi BP Truckstop, the Coles and Kmart across Sunday, October 31 and Monday, November 1.

Any Queenslanders are being reminded to get tested if they have any symptoms at all.

More information is expected to be released by health officials later this morning.

Infectious Diseases Expert Professor Paul Griffin has told The Today Show that he’s expecting there to be more cases as well.

I am hearing there may already be some additional cases we might hear about today, but it might be they are from the same sources, the cases we have heard about.

“We know there is a cluster not far and people commute to that area. It might be that they are all acquired from the same location.

“That town has done tremendously well with the vaccination rate.

“The probability of people there getting sick and needing to go to intensive care, for example, will be dramatically reduced by that high rate, whatever we see in terms of case numbers,” Professor Griffin said.

To check the latest list of exposure sites, click here.