New NSW coronavirus case could be linked to infected quarantine guard

New South Wales has recorded another coronavirus case this morning, on the same floor that the guard who tested positive last week worked.

It’s understood a returned traveller on the 11th floor at the Sofitel Wentworth has returned a positive result overnight.

It’s the same floor that a security guard worked before testing positive late last week.


Investigations are now underway to determine whether or not the infections are related, but Premier Gladys Berejiklian believes this new case could be the ‘missing link’.

“NSW Health believes they acquired after they went into the hotel, they are an overseas traveller but they didn’t have the virus when they came into the hotel,” she said this morning.

While investigations are still underway into exactly how the guard may have contracted the infection, with officials confident that no protocols were breached.

It’s understood there’s still no greater threat to the community at this stage.

“Although as always, during a pandemic, we are ask all of our citizens to be on high alert,” Premier Berejiklain said.

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Let’s be clear, this is a returned traveller, safely contained in a quarantine hotel.

This case is not out in the community, is not spreading the virus.

Staff need to be mindful of infection and transmission, but this is not a risk to the community at the moment.