New plan to force all landlords to accept pets

Do you own a rental property on the Gold Coast, or a rent a home here?

If so, listen up: Queensland property owners could be forced to accept tenants with pets under impending changes to rental codes, which are aimed at making it easier for renters to find somewhere to live.

The review is looking at how to make it easier for renters to have pets, among other things.


I’m in three minds about this.

As a dog owner: I know the pain of trying to find a rental that accepts pets. We spent seven years living in Sydney, paying a good 20-25% above market rates in order to find a home that would allow our beloved pooches.

In fact, because of our dogs, we were forced to cancel a contract on an apartment we were set to buy near the CBD. It was $350,000, and it’s now worth $750,000.

So, I guess you could say our dogs cost us $400,000. But I digress…

My point is, I know the pain of renting with pets, as we spent thousands of dollars more in rent over the years to have access to homes that accepted pets.


As a landlord, we then took a more open view to accepting pets. Then one of our tenants had two large dogs (we’d only approved one) who completely destroyed our deck. It cost us a small fortune to fix, and the amount far, far exceeded their bond – I’m talking, several thousand dollars.

And with my third hat on, as a tenant, I know what it’s like to live in close quarters with a yapping dog living nearby. The owners generally don’t know that their dog is a nuisance barker, because the dog barks while they’re at work. But when you live near this type of dog, and you’re perhaps a shift worker trying to sleep through the day – or, God forbid, you have a baby or small child you’re trying to put down for a nap and you can’t because of the incessant barking – it can lead to rage spirals of epic proportions.

Ergo: this is a very complicated issue!

So, property owners and renters are being invited to comment as the State Government plans to overhaul these 40-year-old renting laws. If this is something that impacts you, it would be worth having your say. Click here to complete the survey.