New PM Malcolm Turnbull weighs into DV debate

Malcolm Turnbull’s new-look frontbench is being sworn in in Canberra on Monday morning.

Earlier Mr Turnbull told TV stations that he did feel for predecessor Tony Abbott.

He admitted to Network Seven that the leadership spill a week ago would have been “very tough on Tony”.


Mr Turnbull added “I know what it’s like to be removed as leader of the Liberal Party, it’s horrible, it is a dark, black experience”.

“It’s awful that sense of rejection and I deeply empathise with him, I’m one of the few people that actually has a pretty good insight into how it feels”.

When asked if he offered Mr Abbott a Cabinet position, he replied “no I did not”.

When asked if he offered retiring former Treasurer Joe Hockey the Defence portfolio he replied “no” Joe, as you know said to me “that he did not wish to be considered for the Ministry and that he was planning to retire from Parliament”.

Mr Turnbull was also asked when he would announce Mr Hockey’s appointment as Ambassador of Washington.  He answered that “I can’t add to what I said yesterday which is that I expect that he has more service to give to our nation in the future.

The new PM also weighed into the debate surrounding Domestic Violence or “violence against women which is the way I would prefer to describe it”.

He said the problem has been overlooked to some extent “ignored for far too long and we must have zero tolerance for it”.

Mr Turnbull added “I think the growing level of awareness is vital, I mean real men don’t hit women and we’ve got to be very determined to eradicate it”.

He made the remarks after two mothers were allegedly murdered by their ex partners on the Gold Coast in a single week this month.