New poll reveals strong support for Daylight Saving in Qld

The Daylight Saving debate has well and truly kicked off again, thanks to a new poll asking Queenslanders their thoughts on the controversial topic.

The YouGov Galaxy Poll, conducted exclusively by Newscorp, shows that 55 per cent of Queenslanders are in favour of introducing Daylight Saving into the sunshine state.

Just 41 per cent of people are against it, while the remainder was “uncommitted”, the Courier Mail said.


It’s been over 25 years since the last trial of Daylight Saving ended in Queensland.

Would you like to wind your clock forward an hour? Let us know in the comment section below!


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Common Queensland lets stop this joke and move with the times Day light saving is great!


I love that you assume it must be people from interstate that want daylight saving in QLD. A very educated and compelling argument you’ve put forward.?

yes make it 2 hours

Why do so many southerners come to QLD to live? (It’s obvious….the weather and our way of life)……SO STOP TRYING TO TAKE OVER BY CHANGING TO THE TIME ZONES YOU LEFT BEHIND IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR WAY OF LIFE…..GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM !!!!!!!

Oh it’s you again, YELLY MC’YELLERSON!!
Once again, you have just posted a substance-free comment with no actual pros or cons relating to whether or not we have daylight saving in QLD. What is it that you are actually afraid of? Change?!

If you want to get up 1hour earlier just get up , leave the clocks alone its really simple

Come and stay a week in Toowoomba in winter you will see why Toowoomba needs daylight savings

What rubbish Cassie – I live in Toowoomba and its fine without messing around with the clocks.
Set your alarm if you want to get up an hour earlier.

Wow who’s the ones in favour for this rubbish ..the ones who moved from the south . think us Queenslanders have enough problems let alone making more for us ..fine if people in the city want it good move the boarder to cover them n leave the rest of Qld alone.

Stacey, I know plenty of people who have lived in a QLD their whole lives who can see the benefit of us having daylight saving here, and who’d desperately love to enjoy what the rest of the East coast enjoys. As for people who were originally from further south having opinions in favourite of daylight saving- have you ever thought that they’re passionate about it because they’ve experienced the benefits?!

Yes Please-would love Daylight Savings! Living and working on the border is a nightmare for 6 months a year.

Other countries are thinking of removing daylight savings and here we are saying let’s add it to Qld, very backwards thing to do. Besides the fact that we use it backwards by decreasing daylight in winter and increasing it in summer, which makes even less sense.

Steve, you do realize that the amount of sunlight stays the same, regardless of what the clock says, right?

Daylight saving is a relic of ww1, serves no purpose and is well past its use-by date. It may have had a purpose last century when work hours were very rigid and shops only had limited hours. Today flexible work hours, extended shopping hours and the fact that our cities are way too crowded for everyone to be doing the same thing at the same time (check out the daily gridlock in Sydney). It’s time NSW and others joined us in the 21st century and got rid of it.

Yes get your head out of the sand and put daylight saving in now don’t wait any longer

Bring it on now love daylight saving

We have been entertained reading the reasons against daylight savings. Don’t go with it the whole country is laughing.

We need more light in the evening so we can live a little, move the clocks an hour for the whole year! What’s the point of daylight at 4.3am in the summer ? Longer evening, more fun in the sun.

So want daylight saving. Just think how much more we could do in the evening. People say get up earlier, you can’t cut the grass early in the morning. Well you can but don’t think the neighbours would like it. Lol

Suns rises earlier so get up earlier you lazyt***s bring it on , long overdue

Who doesn’t love to have a sunny evening with beautiful sky after a long day in office??

Lived in Melbourne for a year (4 years ago). Daylight savings was by far the best thing ever! I only realised how good it was after i moved back and how absolutely ridiculous it is that S.E QLD doesn’t have it. I was actually able to have a life after work hours, incredible! So many benefits!
However, it simply doesn’t work for north QLD, but South QLD NEEDS daylight savings.
Should we progress or regress??
Humans have achieved so much in this world. Creating a time-line shouldn’t be that difficult. We do it anyway with borders… which may i remind you all, are just imaginary lines.

How do we get Qld govt to introduce daylight saving.

Seriously. Settle it this way. Trial it again next year then talk have a real discussion not assumption. Look at reality of time zones. SEQ is where the main population and business operates from. It is close to the most eastern part of Australia. Reality is we should be on same time zone if not half and hour ahead of Sydney. Get with the times literally. Seriously.

What? You know what i say yes for the Daylight saving in the Queensland