New poll shows Gold Coast “doesn’t want, doesn’t need” a second casino

A new poll shows a majority of people on the Gold Coast don’t support a second casino.

The Reachtel poll for Clubs Queensland surveyed 1250 people asking if they support a second facility and the inclusion of poker machines as part of the project.

68.1 per cent of people said they didn’t back it while 26.9 per cent were in favour.


Five per cent of those polled were unsure or undecided.

More than 76 per cent of those surveyed said a second casino was not the way to drive more tourism for the Gold Coast.

The overwhelming majority of people were also against a facility being built on public land.

Carey Park in Southport and Council headquarters at Evandale have been flagged as potential sites.

It comes as councillors prepare to debate whether or not to force any new casino to be built on private land.

Clubs Queensland spokesperson Laura Bos says the poll clearly shows community support is not there for a second casino.

“With these poll results, we wonder why the government would continue to spend taxpayer money to test the market when the community sentiment is so strongly opposed to a second casino,” Ms Bos said.

“The Gold Coast neither wants, nor needs, this type of development. So why keep pushing it?”

Clubs Queensland is also questioning the viability of another project on the Gold Coast.

“Macquarie analysts noted last week, a second casino operator on the Gold Coast would be restricted under a ‘return on investment’ scenario to a development of around $400 million, with an investment case would be built on local competition rather than tourism,” Ms Bos said.

The organisation argues that could force up to 30 community clubs on the Gold Coast to close costing hundreds of jobs.

Mayor Tom Tate has played down the poll saying it’s too early to be gauging reactions.

“The State Government is going out to test the market and our position is that we want to have one additional integrated resort for the city,” Mayor Tate said.

“(But) to comment further on how good the proposal is is premature.”

The Mayor also suggested the poll should have asked about the good things a second casino may bring.

“If you ask the question highlighting the benefit of creating 5000 jobs for future generations, if that question was posed I think you’d get a different outcome.

“You can do all the polls you like, all I say is it’s premature.”

The State Government is expected to go to market for expressions of interest before the end of the year.