New pool likely for Logan family after Lotto win

A young Logan mum has declared this summer will be a whole lot cooler, with a swimming pool on the top of her wish list now she’s one of the sunshine state’s latest division one winners.

The Queenslander held one of the six division one winning entries in Saturday’s Gold Lotto, winning a massive $847,199.23.

Confirming her win with an official from the Lott on Monday afternoon, the woman said she thought she was seeing things when she checked her ticket last night.


“Wow! Thank you,” she said. “I thought it was a scam! It’s awesome to hear that it’s not!”

“I checked my ticket at around nine o’clock last night on the app. When I saw I’d won $847,000, I didn’t think it could be real!

“My husband and I were in disbelief. I buy a ticket maybe around once a month, so it’s just amazing that this has actually happened! It’s unbelievable.

“I’m at work today. It’s going to be so hard to concentrate!”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her division one fortune, the Logan mum had one thing in mind.

“This is going to help our family so much,” she shared.

“We will definitely pay off the entire mortgage. Then I don’t know; maybe we will get a swimming pool built! I’ve always wanted a swimming pool, that would be amazing.”

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 18-game QuickPick online at