New public holiday date officially locked in for Gold Coast

Start planning your holiday Gold Coasters — a new public holiday date has been locked in!

Gold Coast Council has officially confirmed that the Show holiday, which was due to go ahead on August 28, has now been moved to August 14.

That’s in line with the Show holiday for the Ekka, despite the show not going ahead.


The state government instead declared the weekend the ‘People’s Long Weekend’, to encourage Queenslanders to holiday around the state and give the tourism industry a much needed boost.

Other councils around the state were given the same option to move their public holiday to the same date, so we can all have a long weekend together, and the Gold Coast was quick to jump on the offer.

So, what will you be doing on the People’s Long Weekend?

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“Peoples long weekend”, That sounds familiar.” The Peoples Republic of China” ” Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”
I wonder where they are getting their public relations advise from?

Non Racist Groups?

Should have left it where it was. Give tourism operators 2 oppurtunities to take bookings. Smaller operators may get booked out and have to turn down bookings that would otherwise happen on different weekends.
Another case of ill conceived government intervention.

How scary. More people moving around the state at the same time. A Covid19 nightmare.

Bunch of muppets