New push for vote on Australia becoming a republic

Treasurer Joe Hockey has gone against the Prime Minister by backing a fresh push for Australian to become a republic.

Mr Hockey and Labor senator Katy Gallagher will co-convene a new parliamentary group to promote the republican cause.

They are calling for a national vote on an Australian head of state within five years.


Tony Abbott says his Treasurer never informed him of his intentions.

The Prime Minister says the issue is not a priority for the government at this time.

“I think one of the problems with the republican push is that it seems to… suggest there’s some lack of maturity, some lack of independence in our system,” he said.

“(I) don’t believe that most Australians think that’s the case.”

He later told the Seven Network he didn’t believe anything would change any time soon.

Mr Hockey’s republican push has also annoyed his cabinet colleague Warren Truss, who’s suggested a republic isn’t a priority.