New report reveals cocaine use on the Gold Coast on the up

A new report shows the use of cocaine on the Gold Coast has increased over the last 12 months.

The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission released its Illicit Drugs in Queensland report on Friday.

It revealed the number of people using cocaine has increased in some areas across the state, particularly on the Gold Coast.


However, it states usage is mainly within higher socioeconomic groups and as a “special occasion” drug.

In the past three years, the Gold Coast policing district accounted for the largest number of cocaine seizures in Queensland.

The CCC says the lucrative cocaine market is likely to continue to attract organised crime groups attempting to establish a greater foothold in Queensland, particularly in the south-east.

The report also showed methylamphetamine, or ice, is the most dangerous drug on the market across the state, while the supply of MDMA has increased since 2012, particularly in the south-east region.

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SNAPSHOT from CCC report