New restrictions, tennis events cancelled as quarantine worker tests positive

There’s been a fresh coronavirus scare in Victoria overnight, putting the Australian Open tennis tournament at risk once again.

A worker at the same quarantine hotel where many players were isolating has now tested positive to Covid-19.

Today’s warm up tennis events have had to be cancelled, with hundreds of tennis players, officials and support staff now going back into isolation until they return a negative result.


It’s also prompted a re-introduction of restrictions around the rest of Victoria.

Masks have again been made mandatory, and gathering restrictions have come back into force as well.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says

“This is one case, there’s no need for people to panic, there’s no need for people to be alarmed.

Victorians know what to do and we’ve proven – as a state – very successful at managing these sorts of outbreaks,” Premier Andrews said.

It comes just as the state was on the cusp of technically eliminating the virus, at 27 days without community transmission.

Other states and territories are yet to say whether they’ll change their border restrictions to Victorians just yet.

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Yep let in thousands from overseas and expect it all to be safe!
Just so you can get your names in the spotlight.
No respect for the hundreds who passed away during the last stuff up from this government.
And guess what? no one will take responsibility again.

Do people really like tennis that much that it can shut the State down again!
Dan you got it wrong again.