New shark drumlines rolled out on Gold Coast beach after Great White sighting

A great white shark has been spotted frequenting the waters of one of the Gold Coast’s most popular beaches, prompting authorities to roll out drumlines in the area.

The shark, reportedly about 4 metres in size, has been sighted a number of times at Palm Beach in recent weeks.

Swimmers were evacuated from the surf on December 21, after the rescue chopper spotted the shark swimming close to shore.


It was closed for almost two hours, while Queensland Surf Life Savers inspected the water before deeming it safe again.

In a bid to protect swimmers, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is now installing 6 drum lines off the popular break.

It’s understood the nearby Palm Beach artificial reef, which attracts numerous fish, may be drawing the shark to the area.

The temporary drumlines will be deployed early Tuesday morning.

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Top marks to those installing the drum lines, a Shark attack could almost destroy the Gold Coast’s main tourist attraction. To the people who respond by saying ‘It’s the Shark’s territory” I say ‘we only want a few square meters, you can have the rest of the Ocean.

No, actually – we cant. Do you think this is only happening on the Gold Coast? Sharks are under attack in every major coastal town in the world. Saying we can “have the rest if the ocean” is a farce; anywhere there is saltwater yhere are going to be sharks, and anywhere there are sharks there are people trying to kill them. Without sharks, there is no ocean food chain, there is a complete breakdown in the taxonomic system, there is no ocean. Theres sharks are needed for the continued survival of the planet way more than people needs to go swimming. In 2018, we (humans) killed over 1 million sharks, be it for shark fins, commerical fishing or these beach safety procedures. Just in ONE year. This is a crisis, and as australia knows, in a crisis you cant pick and choose the animals who live and the animals who die

Luvvy, are you a drama Queen or what! I’m not talking about that great big ocean out there, I’m referring to the minute percentage required to be made safe for swimming. Anyhow, I always try to keep between a chubby person and the beach just to be sure.

Yeah and also the Pacific Garbage patch and have the entire ocean full of microplastics. Killing off whales all most marine life including the beautiful reefs but yeah “few square meters”

Perhaps you might like to rewrite your comment into some sort of intelligent English, however, I think I have the thread of what you’re attempting to say, but your comment has nothing to do with Drum lines, well not as far as my interpretation of whatever your point is.