New shark technology trialled in NSW

New shark detection technology will be trialled south of the Queensland-New South Wales border after recent attacks.

Clever Buoy will be tested off the coast of Port Stephens, near Newcastle.

The device uses sonar technology to pick up the distinctive movements made by sharks and sends that information back to the beach.


The Sydney Morning Herald reports the independent trial this week will determine whether it is reliable enough to be used at the popular beaches that have seen repeated shark attacks.

Trials of eco-barriers at beaches in Ballina and Lennox Heads have failed because of rough conditions.

The University of Technology, Sydney, said six video cameras will be dropped into the shark-infested waters for six weeks to monitor the Clever Buoy’s sonar beam to test whether it correctly detects every great white shark swimming past.

The five-hour battery life of the video cameras means they will need to be replaced daily according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The announcement follows four attacks in New South Wales in 2016.