New smoking bans in Qld from today

Some of the toughest smoking laws in the country will come into effect in Queensland today.

Bus stops and many public spaces including public pools and childcare facilities will now be off-limits for smokers.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Professor JEFF DUNN has welcomed the new laws.


“Queensland will be leading the world in tobacco control activity,” he said.

“This is important because two out of three Queenslanders who take up this habbit will ultimately die from it.”

Smokers will have to be at least five metres from public transport pick up points including bus stops and taxi ranks.

There is no smoking at public swimming pools and the buffer zone outside the entrances to business buildings has been increased from four to five metres.

From February next year no smoking zones will be enforced within 10 metres of campsites and picnic facilities including picnic tables, toilet blocks jetties and boat ramps.