New South Wales to ease gathering restrictions this weekend

The New South Wales has announced a slight easing of gathering laws from this Friday.

Two adults will be allowed to visit a household from May 1, excluding small children.

It comes as the state records just five new cases of the virus overnight, bringing the total confirmed cases in the state to 3,009.


2,243 of those have recovered.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says they’re hoping to reduce isolation measures, and improve people’s mental health.

Though she’s urging everyone to be extra, extra careful.

“If you’re visiting someone who’s over 70 years of age, or someone with a comorbidity, you have to practise really good social distancing.

“If you have the mildest sniffle, do not go and visit anybody, if you’re feeling slightly unwell or fatigued, please do not risk it, do not go and visit anybody.

“Similarly if your’e over 70, we still recommend that you keep leaving the home to a minimum.

“But if you do feel you need to go visit someone in their home, please make sure that you’re asking questions about making sure everybody is well, making sure everybody practices social distancing,” the Premier said.

There haven’t been strict rules around what sort of events people can be attending, such as BBQs or birthdays, people are just being encouraged to be socially responsible with these rules.

It’s understood that NSW Health is preparing for an increase in cases in May due to relaxing some restrictions, though maintain they’re ready for it.

Schools will also begin going back from May 11.

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Two adults will be allowed to visit a household from May 1, excluding small children.

INCLUDING small children

Excluding children not including

What does this mean??? Are my children allowed to visit with their baby????

Yes. In the article I saw this morning she said 2 adults and they can bring their young children with them but just be sensible and don’t visit if anyone has any signs of illness

Can I visit family in QLD
We are classed as a border town
Rules not very clear about interstate etc
If we cannot visit family in QLD, this is unfair

QLD might not let you in, you need to check with their rules.

Is there going to be a distance limit applied as my sister with dementia, is in Bathurst, I am central coast. Have not seen her since last October.

So can 2 adults and children visit grandparents

Is there a distance limit? Newcastle to Sydney?

My flatmate has been going from Sydney to Gosford every second weekend and has never had a problem.

I’m not only glad about the easing of restrictions but also the press release correctly spelt the word “practise” as a verb.

Agree wholeheartedly

My Daughter lives on the Gold Coast and i live in Kingscliff can she get a permit to come across the border as i havnt see her since the border got closed

Can you visit your daughter in Sydney

Don’t bring your kids thanks… excluding… cheers

Can I sleep with my girlfriend

There is from what I read a distance measure in place of U can leave your home and only travel 50kms at this point.

Can I visit my partner in Brisbane…???

Please open the border it’s gone on longer nuff I’m a Queensland fire fighter and it’s a night mare waiting to get through the heavy traffic it’s not fun where quite busy station .and plus where’s had hardly no cases on the gold Coast. Cheers

There is a 2nd wave of covid coming what are they thinking lifting any restrictions yes we all miss family but be warned it’s going to be worse than ever if start lifting restrictions it is far from over its history repeating itself

Can we stay overnight when visiting family 400kl away?

Can we go for a drive ?