New ‘speed camera trailers’ to be rolled out across Qld over Christmas

From tomorrow, new ‘speed camera trailers’ are being rolled out across Queensland as police ramp up their traffic blitz over the Christmas period.

The five new speed camera trailers will be managed remotely and used in high-risk areas where it is not currently safe or practical to deploy a police officer.

Commissioner Ian Stewart said the cameras will begin enforcement from tomorrow as people begin to head away for the festive break.


“Queensland has had a devastating start to the Christmas holidays on our roads, recording 15 fatalities since our road safety campaign commenced on December 9,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“Excessive speed continues to be a significant issue in Queensland with about one in four road fatalities involving a speeding motorist.

“That is why speed management and enforcement remains a priority for police as we do everything we can to create a safer environment on our roads.”

PHOTO: Qld Police

PHOTO: Qld Police

Commissioner Stewart said the speed camera trailers were designed to assist in areas where it is unsafe to use traditional speed camera devices.

“The new trailers will enable police to target high-end speeding motorists in high-risk zones which are unsafe for officer deployment such as specific areas on motorways, at roadwork sites or in school zones,” he said.

“As this is a new type of technology, tolerance levels will be phased in, starting with considerable speed margins which will allow the public to become familiar with the new equipment.

“The trailers will not replace our current speed detection methods of high visibility patrols, mobile speed camera deployments or fixed camera systems.”